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Teresa Emanuele


Teresa Emanuele

Born in Rome, Italy.

In 2004 Teresa Emanuele graduated from the LUISS University in Rome, Italy, where she studied law, and in 2006 she obtained a master’s degree (LLM) at the Columbia University in New York, USA. It was her living in New York City that fostered her interest in art as she began taking her first photographs, learning more about the medium along the way.

In 2008 she attended the PhotoManhattan - School of Photography, where she perfected her technique in black & white and portraiture. Then, she quit as an associate in a Wall Street law firm at the end of 2008 and moved back to Rome to dedicate more time to art.

Teresa Emanuele is mostly inspired by the beauty of Nature and the power of Mankind, even though the human presence hardly ever appears in her photographs. Emanuele investigates all possible interactions between digital and analog photography, her artistic research focuses on the three-dimensional and kinetic potential of black & white prints on transparent surfaces such as glass and methacrylate. She has been experimenting kinetic photography with her so called “shadow-boxes”, with these works she challenges the statics of photography by framing her prints and hiding miniature fans within the frame. These fans blow a gentle wind on a layer of white fabric, also hidden in the frame. As a result, the shadows cast by the print on the fabric are gently animated, as if a soft wind was blowing, and the photographs are brought back to life.

Emanuele’s most recent work features black & white photographs printed directly on transparent surfaces, such a glass and Oroglas. By hanging the prints at a few centimeters off the wall with custom-made hooks and by pointing at them any source of light, the prints cast a shadow on the wall behind. The result is a unique 3D effect, unknown to other forms of photography and printing. In addition to film photography and darkroom printing, Emanuele engraves photographs on zinc and copper (so called photo-etching) and produces limited edition with a printing press.

She lives and works in Rome, Italy.
Teresa is also a consultant for MACRO - The Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.