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Step 1

Debuking myths

High price does not determine the artistic quality of a work! The auction records of some contemporary artworks instantly cause a sensation and this could lead you to think that it is inaccessible for those who do not have significant funds.
The reality is very different: many economic transactions in the artistic field take place for amount ranging from 1000 to 5000 euros.

So do not be afraid to take the first move.
Step 2

Set a budget

This will allow you to understand what you can exactly buy (don’t worry: Peggy Guggenheim started just like that!)
With a reasonable cost, then, you have to focus on emerging artists, which does not necessarily mean young people.

Get more information by reading about who won prizes or who has been praised by some reference curator.
Step 3

Rely on Startsail

You will find all the artworks in the catalogue with a price lower than 5000 euros. Get in touch with the gallery owner who offers you an interesting work, ask all the right questions: maybe you'll end up opting for another work by the same artist but with a lower price (for example, buying a graphic print or a drawing instead of the painting initially noticed).
Enjoy your research!