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Art Luxury Gallery


Art Luxury Gallery

Milano, Italia

Art Luxury is a modern and contemporary art gallery that was born in Milan on September 16, 2015. It has the aim of giving visibility to the most important artists by creating opportunities and connections, through vernissages, fairs, individual and collective exhibitions, in close contact with international and Italian companies.

The interiors of Art Luxury Milano, divided into three floors, lend themselves to installations, performances and exhibitions, to offer the public moments and experiences of closeness to the artists and proximity to their works, in a refined and refined context. In addition to being able to give the most adequate exposure to the artists, it offers the possibility of relocating the works to private collectors.
Via Vittorio Veneto, 8/A
20091 Bresso (MI)

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 27
20129 Milano (MI)