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Tamara Pavlovic


Tamara Pavlovic

Tamara Pavlovic is a Sydney based multidisciplinary artist of Serbian heritage. Tamara's practice is
informed by an interest in surrealism, feminism and psychology. Her work often depicts our inner
minds, memories and female identity. The themes of belonging and memories are an ongoing
project in Tamara's practice. Tamara employs a wide range of media including painting, drawing with
collage and recently photography and video performance. The series of the dreamlike images that
were created from the beginning of the corona crisis, are at the same time classic and timeless, and
they guide the viewer to the edges of the imagination encouraging them to dive into it. These
dreamscapes explore the unconscious – something between fantasy and reality.
Graduating at UNSW Art&Design in 2019, Tamara has won the Works on Paper Prize Blue in 2020 at
Blacktstone Gallery in Newcastle and being the finalist in many Art Prizes such as Fisher's Ghost,
Blacktown Art Prize and Hunters Hill Art Prize to name a few.