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Suzanne Watters


Suzanne Watters

Suzanne Watters has always had an interest in creative experimentation. She has
taken many art classes throughout her life, and she has master's degree in 20th
century art history from Harvard University. Suzanne is inspired by nature, and she
considers it to be one of the best teachers. Her work has been shown at a number
of regional galleries, and it is included in a few corporate art collections. She chairs
a local sustainability community group and her art reflects and supports that work.
Suzanne likes to explore ideas like "Leave" or "Under the Snow" and how there are
so many different thoughts within these ideas and so many different ways of
representing those thoughts. She likes to raise awareness about environmental
and social issues and often does this visually by magnifying small details. This
encourages the viewer to pay attention. She paints with ink and sometimes
incorporates cut screen print pieces. There is something interesting about seeing
cut silkscreen images juxtaposed with abstract, more painterly brushstrokes. The
most important aspect of her work is that she integrates images from the natural
world in a call to not only appreciate it, but to preserve and protect it.