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Sophia Schrøder


Sophia Schrøder

Born in Sweden 1958,
grew up in East Africa, came to live in Denmark as a teenager (fell in love with Italy on the way to Denmark)

Educated at Denmarks school of Design (within textile) started to paint and do graphic designs very young (sold at numerous larger shops as well as Louisiana, Denmarks modern museum of Art.

Created a design magazine i late 80'ies, after this I was Art Director at an art and science publisher house (Rhodos),
done freelance and royaltybased jewelry, graphics and textiljobs for several Danish companies (Noa Noa etc)

Had numerous exhibitions through out time in Gallerie Grothe, Øksnehallen and also solo in Denmarks Jewelry Museum.

But most important, I started to paint acrylic on canvas in the first Corona lockdown never did this before.