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Sergey Nikitin


Sergey Nikitin

Siozha is a contemporary artist working in different techniques and with various materials.
His art evokes a sense of surprise and discovery which is a normal reaction for children but in reality it expresses the artist's deep sensory inner experiences and his sharpened intuitive perception of the surrounding world and own interpretation of reality. His improvisations are spontaneous reactions of his inner self to the external influences and irritations and are a symbiosis of spontaneity and careful planning with sometimes deliberate revolt against traditional painting techniques.
No one will see a subjunctive mood, look back for any public opinion, prohibitions or any type of hesitation or scruple but only pure creativeness, emotions, dreams and feelings expressed in flashy and impressive combinations of color lines, brush strokes, images, figures and patterns you can see in his art.

Siozha doesn’t have a classic art educational background, but several degrees in Organic chemistry, Business Administration and Management with a lot of private art practice. Such a wild mixture all together with his around the globe traveling experience influencing artists' perception and feelings pours out a does his art outstanding and truly innovative.

He has a special passion for human body beauty and aesthetics - both male and female - and uses flashy unusual color schemes and abstract tricks in his painting so it never remains unnoticeable. His art creates a bridge with an observer and makes one feel what the author implemented in the art, irradiate his energy. His recent work "Book warm" took first prize in the prestigious international exhibition "Female image" in St Peterburg, Russia, a category "Surrealism".

Also, his images of dogs and Siozha’s ability to catch its' characters need to be separately mentioned, he created own style of pets portrayal and had a special exhibition of dogs portraits conducted in Perm gallery, Russia. Many of dogs and cats portraits are objects of desire and kept in private collections - made by order.



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