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Olga Barashykova


Olga Barashykova

Olga Barashykova is an aspiring Kiev artist with a background of an architect
and interior designer. Olga put her artwork on a public display only at the end
of 2020 for the first time. She painted for herself before, displaying everything
that she likes and worries about. Olga paints in the style of modern realism
using oil and acrylic. Portraits occupy a special place in her work. Despite the
realistic presentation and an exact resemblance to nature, they are executed
in a modern manner which differs from the portrait painting of past centuries.
Modern landscapes performed by Olga, especially sea ones, are modern
classics using an impressionistic palette. There, she opposes violence,
emphasizes the beauty of life, inspires people to love and empathy.
Olga was born in the family of Kyiv engineers in 1970. She graduated from
the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in 1994,
specializing in architecture. Olga says:
“I have a big family, I raised wonderful children. But I always wanted to draw,
there was simply no time. Now I want to devote my life to painting. This is
what fascinates me and gives me pleasure!”
In September 2020, one of the portraits painted by Olga was seen by the
famous Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Gordon who decided to order his portrait.
Inspired by the order, the artist painted two portraits: one in the classical style
in oil and the second in neo-impressionism with acrylic. Both portraits admired
Dmytro, so he showed them on his YouTube channel and
made an interview with Olga.
In December 2020, portraits of Dmytro Gordon won two first places at the
international festival Golden Time Distant Festival (18-th season), London.
In March 2021, Olga painted her first conceptual artwork Mother's heart, in
which she raises questions about the value of human life, the fight against
violence, the role of mothers in the life of mankind.



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