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Noora Kämppi


Noora Kämppi

I was born in 1992, in Jyväskylä self-employed artist. I work in my own studio near the center of Jyväskylä. I have always drawn and painted, but the year 2019 was a turning point taideuralleni. My interest in my paintings grew, and I decided to move into a full-time entrepreneur by 2020. I paint mainly with Acrylic Paints on canvas. I am also a hairdresser, as well as Social Services (Polytechnic).

Painting is my passion. I paint abstract works, as well as Figurative characters and landscapes. I get inspiration for my theox from nature and my life experiences. I do a lot of commissioned work based on the client's wishes, designing together. I've written stories since childhood, drawing and painting - and the journey continues. Feel free to contact me if you were interested in my paintings!