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Neera Joshi


Neera Joshi

Born in a family of artists, Neera Joshi is a leading Artist and Botanical illustrator
in Nepal. Her approach of combining art and science first began in 1999 and still
continues her passion for Art and love for Nature. She was trained as a Botanical
illustrator in Marie Selby Botanical Garden, FL USA 2002, and attended Botanical
Art Classes, Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh, UK 2007. She has contributed
to research and conservation of Nepalese flora for the past two decades as a
facilitator in national and international Botanical Art /illustration workshops for
Flora writers to different levels of students for the past many years. She was
awarded the GAM- City Council Chairperson’s Prize Award, Toyota Municipal
Museum of Art, Japan 2019.
Besides her expertise in Scientific Botanical Art, Neera seeks to unfold the
spiritual aspect of creativity that depicts the truthful essence of the organic world
of the flora. She had exhibited widely in various parts of the globe USA,
Edinburgh, Russia, Japan and China. She uses watercolor and acrylic paints as her
best medium.She has been invited as a Participating Artist in the forthcoming
Florence Biennale XIII, Italy 2021.