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Naniko Baramidze


Naniko Baramidze

Nana (Naniko) Baramidze is professional Georgian artist, who does contemporary modern art with elements of cubism and surrealism, loves graphics, paints, and experiments other techniques. She graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts (Tbilisi, Georgia) in 1999. For more than two decades Naniko has been doing her artwork in parallel with other occupations at various international organizations overseas, mostly in Central Asia, where she lives since 2009. For the last five years she has been based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Aside her artwork, Naniko comes with over 15 years of experience of working in Central Asian region as well as in Georgia in the field of Economy, Environment, Good Governance, academic leadership and governance and teaching.

Along with her Master’s in Fine Arts, she holds Dual master’s in International Studies and Environment and Natural Resource Management, as well as Master of Public Administration.