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Nadine Mehmet


Nadine Mehmet

My name is Nadine Mehmet, I was born in '79 in East Germany,
grew up in South Germany, spent several years in the USA,
and I live with my family on beautiful Lake Constance now.

At an early age, I developed a passion for abstract painting.
This passion accompanied me until the birth of my two children
after which other areas of life had priority and painting had to wait.

After moving to Lake Constance in 2021,
my creativity rekindled and I have been intensely involved with art ever since.

While painting, I'm fascinated by the colors, the color relationships and
the possibilities of creating a drawing layer by layer. I love to work in
colorful abstract shapes and patterns, scratches and grooves,
which then create a story piece by piece.
I usually start with an idea in my head, but the result is always a
surprise. The nature is my greatest inspiration.

I work with structure paste, acrylic paints, inks, sprays and markers
and accentuate with oil pastels, pencils and charcoal, all on the canvas.

My aim is to create a sense of happiness in the person who observes my art,
to immerse him/her in a colorful world and to inspire him/her to discover
his/her own stories in my works.



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