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art is not beautiful. Art is not decoration, not an illustrious accessory, not a canvas that you simply stroll past. Art is breathing, feeling, thinking, dreaming, experiencing, forgetting. art is everything. Reality. The utopia.

So my art wanders between the possible and the impossible, between what you do and what you actually want, a freeze frame between hope and disillusionment.

I see it as a crossroads between realism and fantasy, a point where everyday life and the world of dreams merge, forming a symbiosis that enables the viewer to consciously deal with their own ego. I would like to stop the constantly moving people of our hectic urban world for a moment, take them out of everyday life, give them a breathing space. Familiar elements, poetic messages, surrealistic forms and strong colors should give the viewer a new perspective, make him aware of what he wants in life, what makes him happy.

People don't just get beautiful art, not just pictures, collages or a pretty decoration for the living room. Manifold motifs from nature, from everyday life, from the imagination should provide space in which one can find oneself, lose oneself, redefine and explore.

Who am I in? I am the art itself that is in the works. I create because I find myself. I am this little point of color, shape, outline, brushstroke and life that wants to inspire, pause and give new perspectives



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