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Mirela Iordache


Mirela Iordache

Romanian artist Mirela Iordache was born and lives in Bucharest. She has studied Fine Arts, Cultural
Heritage and Restoration at the University of Bucharest which she graduated in 2002 and holds a
master’s degree in painting graduated in 2014 by UNArte – The National University of Arts in
During a 19-year long career her works have been displayed in 90 solo, group and collective
exhibitions, both in Romania and in France, Germany, Belgium and Japan.
Best known for her experimental abstract works, Mirela is a versatile artist covering a wide range of
styles and techniques, from photorealism and neo-expressionism to abstract art, from painting,
linocuts, and pointe sèche to photography, collage, and assemblage.
Her latest body of works stands at the confluence of abstract expressionism, gestural and lyrical
abstraction. A purely experimental style consisting in a combination of gestural painting and
unconstrained chemical and physical interactions among various materials, which she dubbed
entropic abstraction.
When experimenting in her studio, Mirela is a conductor directing an orchestra of colors, material
interactions, and paint strokes.