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Marco Cingolani


Marco Cingolani

Marco Cingolani was born in Como in 1961, however he moved to Milan, where he presently lives and works, at a very young age (in 1978).

His work has always focused on the possibility to erase the normative power of media imagery, subjecting it to the radical “cure” of the Artist, being certain that Art provides a decisive point of view to read the world. The Artist has always been fascinated by the transition from “pieces of news” to History and back, and in fact it was in this context that more than one series of artworks was born. Here we mention: the series of great oil paintings called Le Interviste (The Interviews) - in which the protagonists are oppressed by the journalists’ microphones -, the famous series dedicated to the attempt on Pope John Paul II’s life, and the tragic murder of Aldo Moro. This strong link to reality is expressed in his works by the symbolical contextualization of several elements, such as UN Security Council blue helmets, multicolored segments of Wall Street graphs, military uniforms, and political parties’ flags. Among several group expositions, Marco Cingolani has solo shows at the Pecci Museum in Prato, at the National Museum of Villa Guinigi (Lucca), at Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, at the S.M.A.K. in Gent, and finally in Milan, at the PAC Museum.

Born in 1961 in Como (Italy), lives and works in Milan.