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Mansoureh Salati


Mansoureh Salati

Mansoureh Salati is a painter born in Isfahan, Iran, who started her career at the age of 19. After establishing her own studio at 23 and teaching there for many years, she decided it was time for a change in perspective, which resulted in a move to Italy in 2016. The artist has since participated in various exhibitions held in Rome, Paris and Barcelona and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in painting at the Brera Academy in Milan.

In her work, Salati separates color and design and lets each follow their own path until they inevitably intersect and re-synchronize to form a unique harmony. There is no beginning or end to her colored lines, which gives her pieces the opportunity to extend endlessly in the mind of the viewer.

'I'd like, these colored lines to linger in the viewer's mind when he goes to the street, goes shopping, gets in the car. I'd like them to get tied to all of his daily events, to continue to form, maybe the next day too.'

The artist aims to give the viewer the freedom to develop her artworks further within the realm of their own imagination, to fill in the blanks, and to follow her colorful lines throughout their day. For her pieces, she draws inspiration from the intricate patterns that are woven into Iranian carpets, which similarly capture the gaze and seep into the imagination, leaving the observer lost among the flowers they display. She likes to delve into the duality of these objects that are condemned to the floor but simultaneously provide the viewer's imagination with the freedom to soar.



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