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Leya Marincic


Leya Marincic

Leya Marinčič and her mother Slavica Štrukelj-Kokoravec make a duo called “Dance of Energy”. Their poetics strongly revolves about a shared passion for body gestures and expressiveness. The underlying concept is to try to use the gestures and meaningful strength of a dancing body, channel those powerful movements into a method of execution.
Times, rhythm, expressive intention, muscle and nerve strain perfectly overlap in dance performance: the creation of an artistic work becomes, in this perspective, a performative act in itself for these two artists. Animals and dancers are Leya Marinčič’s favourite topics. Movement is at the heart of this Slovenian sculptor poetics. The bull, the horse, the ballerina, they all use gestures which she senses like a shared dance imbued with shared energy released by the succession of action and stillness.