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Larain Briggs


Larain Briggs

Larain Briggs is a British artist. Her formal art training began in her twenties when she studied under the
personal supervision and tuition of a local artist. She then attended both Camberwell College of Arts, and
Goldsmiths University of London, obtaining a Fine Art BA(Hons), and Post Graduate degree in Art and
Design Education. She attended other educational institutions to add Computer Aided Visualisation,
Psychology, and Art Therapy, all of which inform her work. Having moved from London several years ago,
she now lives and works on the East coast of England.
On leaving Camberwell Briggs was discovered by Sweet Waters Gallery, in London 1990, who exhibited her
work at various international venues. She continues to exhibit in the UK, in London, and throughout East
Anglia, as well as in several international venues.
Brigg’s work draws on a range of influences from the psychology of Carl Jung to various art movements
including, surrealism and conceptual art. Through her work Briggs explores issues of life, death, beauty and
the human condition, infusing her work with symbols and meaning. She refuses to be pinned down into a
particular style or genre, fluctuating between figurative art and abstraction.
Although she defines herself primarily as a painter, her approach is often multidisciplinary.