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Irina Khanova


Irina Khanova

Irina Khanova is a wanderer between the art forms of painting and performance. Born 1979 in the Soviet Union,
Khanova moved to Hamburg (Germany) at the age of 23. There she studied Graphic Design at the atk academy
and started experimenting with nude painting and abstract painting.
Her artwork has developed a strong imagery of their own. Vivid colors and an expressive stroke create long
lasting impressions between temptation and fear. Live isn’t endless, neither are lust and love. Sometimes, only
pain seems to prevail.
Combining nudes with her abstract expressionism creates a magic tension between the art and the viewer.
Irina Khanova‘s pictures often seem like snapshots from the unconscious of a woman quarreling with her wishes,
fears, dreams and nightmares and bringing them to life with acrylic paint on canvas.
Irina’s pictures are not obvious — neither are dreams or fantasies — but they always touch the all-too-human.
The body is mirroring the feelings — it’s the canvas for all the projections of a human individual — high hopes
and deep disappointments included.