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Eva Charlotte Hermanson


Eva Charlotte Hermanson

Eva Charlotte Hermansson is a Swedish artist, she was born in 1965. She has lived in Gothenburg for 15 years.
She graduated from university with a degree in psychology, but the last 10 years she mostly work with her art.

Eva Charlotte has been painting since she was in her late teens and it was in the northern environments where she brought up that she began to develop her artistic expressions. The motifs alternate between abstract and figurative motifs and she mainly uses acrylic paint, mixed media and oil paints.

With the figurative art, she wants to spread positive emotions to the viewer and she often paints them with motifs that have a simplicity about them to let the colors take place and create dynamism.

The characteristic of her abstract art is the creativity and desire for experimentation that she conveys and in her art she often lets her own moods be expressed. She also practices photography as art, where she also separates everyday simple motifs often with inspiration from nature. Like her painting, the photographs are often colorful and vibrant with vibrant energy.

Recently, Eva Charlotte has participated in many exhibitions and art fairs in Sweden,Italy, Paris and London.

Eva Charlotte is a member of the Swedish Artists' Association and the Association for Image Copyright.