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Erwan Le Pêcheur


Erwan Le Pêcheur

Erwan Le Pêcheur (Y1) is a young french artist and chef born in Versailles in 1998.

From his youngest age he accesses the art field as a spectator and refine his tastes in front of the artworks of Murakami, Klein, Kandinsky, Warhol, Arsham…

After travelling around the world from his 16 years old after high school, he discovers creation thanks to the Cuisine world, intimately linked to painting. This is for him a way of express himself and to communicate, as much in a plate as on a canvas.

He learns by himself experiencing, self-taught finding his interests in the well-being and self-development. He finds in art and especially in the use of colors a way to soothe the emotions felt in a grey and brutal world. The efficient simplicity of his modern artworks is a contrast with the sensation of coldness and monotony from the big cities and from the society in which he is growing.