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Elitsa Ristova


Elitsa Ristova

Elitsa Ristova: I was born and raised in Macedonia, but the curiosity of
understanding the unknown is inside of me so I start living and traveling abroad.
Currently, I am based in London, studying at LCCA London College of
Contemporary Arts.
This project entry concerns the idea of setting ourselves free, completely
free in the philosophy of the mind. Through satire elements and “pungent
emotions” I am exploring the concept of being completely emotionally detached
from others or being neutral, also finding ourselves in emotional balance or
imbalance appearance during our lifetime.
The title of this edition is evoked by the life experience of staying calm
through tender or being arrogant when it peacefully, which connects the
awareness of diversity among people. I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy at a
young age and I have been struggling to express myself loud. With this project I
would like to speak my mind loud and not feeling uncomfortable. I want to rise
Epilepsy and other types of disabilities awareness, increasing the understanding of
any type of long health condition, tension and release of the same experience . As
the sun is looking towards all of us with all gratitude, as increasing equally serenity.
My goals during this project were to find answers about the majority of equanimity
which is needed for well-being especially when the anxiety of the brain is not going
through the right time. The appearance of calm, soft and serene expression,
moving forward in a mutually peaceful way.
The satire painting “Earthy life and pungent emotions, is including small
sarcastic elements as the secret woman conversation and the arrogance of being
calm and undisturbed when provoked by environment.
“Pungent emotional state “ means having very strong or sharp smell of feelings,
and still being able to stand and free yourself.
Along this set of paintings the self- centre focus is representing “I Am fulfil
and loving” but I can be Bizarre too, which explains duality of the modern woman,
calming and progressive at the same time.
She loves herself, she love her satire conversation with friends , the smell of clean
clothes - independent and detached. This is the modern woman, very progressive ,
provoked but continuously in emotional depth.
I truly believe in the woman nature who is capable in her nature to move the
evolution of the world , she is an incredible caressing and generous gender. She is
strong and progressive, and for her natural manipulation to be manifested in the
right direction it is important the understanding of her nature, equanimity of the
mind and consciousness.
During this summer I am looking forward to develop this project to a solo



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