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Dominik Salzer


Dominik Salzer

I started as a graphics designer back in 2005 and also

got a diploma in 3D-Visualisation. After some years of

working for advertising agencys I started to go my own

path and teached myself to paint.

The knowledge of forms and colors from my previous

educations helped me a lot.

"Wrong paths, reflections, hints, premonitions - tensions.

These are the stations through which Dominik Salzer

leads us with his paintings. Where is the path going? Well,

that is in large part also up to the viewer. Like in the

mirror maze. If we compare the titles with the pictures in

front of us, then we notice one thing: It is a more than

fine, sensual, complex interplay of shapes and colors,

reality and their images, which Dominik Salzer stages for

us." - Dr. A. Pagiela