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Diane Bellier


Diane Bellier

Diane Bellier is a contemporary french painter. Born in 1989 in South of France. Known for the
romantic and palette color quality of her work, Diane Bellier’ paintings most often depicts interiors and
imaginary landscape, passionate about decor rendered in rich swatches of color that create a titled
perspective, fluctuating between representation and abstraction. « I like when my pictures or my
paintings tell stories, different stories for everyone. In my work, the personal dimension is essential.
Whether I make a video, a painting or something else, my own memory is my source of inspiration :
the intimate story, the individual experiences » ,” she has said. “Each collection tells a story and
presents a dreamy world through it's imagery.”Throughout his practice, viewers are offered snapshots
of a world co-inhabited by personal and historic references, such as classical and impressionnism
painting, Pop, and literary allusion. She has been exhibited in 2020 in Paris, and this year begins an
european influence. She currently lives and works in Paris.