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Diana Krinninger


Diana Krinninger

Diana Krinninger is a german p ainter. Based in Hauzenberg, Germany, Krinninger studied at the Art Academies ofSalzbur g and Kolbermoor. Her work has been included in solo and group exhibitions and art fairs in Germany and the UK.

Diana Krinningers work has hel d in private and publiccollections. She has corporations with galleries in the UK, Portugal and Italy.

She employs composital strateg ies related to landscape and still life painting to create abstract works that express an almost architectural sense of space. The colorful forms t hatinhabit her paintings have an ambigious presence, and oftentrick the eye into wo ndering about the nature oft he visualspace. It is unclear wheather we are looking at geometries orgeologies in thes e paintings. Her works express an experimental, emotive energy.