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Danilo Susi


Danilo Susi

Susi’s works are the result of an artistic path which develops itself on subjects grouped into series.

Each of them is the product of a conceptual research revolving around issues regarding ecology.

“Abstract Water” deserves special attention: a series of photos of water transposed into an abstract dimension. This unusual way of depicting the subject with solutions that don’t belong to our imagination opens up a world of new images for us to build and interpret.

Danilo Susi, born in Pescara in 1949, currently lives in Termoli where he works as a gastroenterologist. His first approach to photography dates back to the 70s. Even if he is a self-taught photographer, he occasionally frequented the Rondanini Art Gallery in Rome, as well as some “masters” like Giuseppe Moder a Bruno Simoncelli in Pescara, throughout the 70s.

His involvement in “Le mois de la photo à Paris”, during a short stay in Paris in 1980, marked the beginning of his artistic research on lines and light and brought out his favourite themes: humanity in its essence and light as an expression of life.Susi f