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Cordula von Heymann


Cordula von Heymann

Cordue is an artist from Germany. After completing her studies of Fine
Arts at the Art Academy Bremen (HKM), she works
as a Drawer, Printer, Painter and Performance-Artist.
She realized several projects in Germany and Europe. (Italy, U.K.,France,
Luxemburg). She fullfilled comissions from the "Senator für Kultur,
Bremen" in two Public Buildings.
She realized two public objects in the region near Luxemburg, where
she lives recently.
2007 she took part at the Programm of the EU: "Europeen Capital of
Culture"- Luxembourg et Grande Region).
Actually she is constantly working on three series of paintings "Food
companies" (since 2012), "Argonauten/Astronauten" (since 2018) and
"Jalousies" (since 2019, catalog). She constructs also small objects she
calls „semi-readymades behind Duchamps“
Her tecnics is a mixture: old procedures of selfmade-tempera could be
combined with graffitispray-tecnics and her beloved china- indian ink
The newest line in her work is combining old art with her own, fresh art.
She calls it "Refreshed Art, doublebrushed", because she saves parts of
old paintings she finds on fleemarkets and changes them into
contemporary artworks.
Based on her knowlege and passion for the Arthistory, you may find lots
of recitations inside her work, not without a wink in the eyes.