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Birgit Weinerth


Birgit Weinerth

Birgit Maria Weinerth,German artist:
Art is immersion in another fascinating and mysterious world.
Art is like a journey, breaking out of everyday life into something special and unique.
Art is my constant companion.

My grandfather, himself an artist, gave me creativity in the cradle as luggage on my life path,
on which I have now met many renowned artists, through whom I was able to expand my skills.
An immense dynamic in my life, which my expressive acrylic paintings exude, both in the composition
and in the choice of colors. Many works are created freely and spontaneously from the moment.
I not only master pure acrylic painting, but also work on the canvases with various techniques that give
my works three-dimensionality and visual depth, which creates extremely powerful Sujets.

On the other hand, my figurative works, which I stage in a modern way, appear almost opposite.