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Besjana Kryeziu


Besjana Kryeziu

Besjana Kryeziu is an artist-painter from Kosovo, living in Belgium.She earned her Bachelor
and Master deegres from University of Prishtina in art.Part of more than 50 exhibitions local
and international exhibitions.Two of them as a curator for The National Library, and for
Albanology Institution.International exhibitions as in Italy, London, Germany, New York,
Washington D.C, Turkey, Hungary, Canada, North Carolina, Czech Republic.
Personal exhibition ‘’The mosaic of life’’ held in Historical National Museum of Tirana,
Albania 2018.
The techniques she uses are oil colors, acrylics, aquarelle.She realized more than 10 cycles of
paintings currently ‘’Womens World & ‘’Cats Kingdom.
Besjana`s paintings characterized by pure color, shapes, texture, lines, short and long strokes
and always tries to give a message through her paintings.Her biggest inspiration are
travelling, music, reading , nature, photography etc.