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AsTuTe ArT

I have focused my studies and research on Futurism, an Italian artistic and literary movement of the early 20thcentury.

Over the years I have pushed myself in exploring both the geometries of Futurism and the vocabulary. Words and Geometries play a major role in my works which are rich in Vitality, Courage and noble messages.

Since young age I've been attracted by the figure of noble men which pursue with determination and sacrifice their ascent in life, climbing with stamina their highest peak, facing the "human challenge" and the "nature challenge".
My work starts when I notice an interesting or an outstanding human dynamic or human phenomenon through direct experience. When this happens, I make it mine and I try to evolve it to its maximum expression.

A little story, a strong and emotional title, various sketches, an ink drawing and finally a set of metal etching plates which focus on various angles of the work allowing to explore more in detail different perspectives.

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Techniques: Pen & Ink; Dry point Etching
Materials: Ink; Water Colours; Cotton paper

Corso Garibaldi, Milano, Italia