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Annika Geigel


Annika Geigel

Annika Geigel was born in Munich, Germany August 2nd 1995. She started painting at the age of 2 years. She has always been passioned about Africa, Orient and other foreign cultures. She travelled to countries like Senegal, India, Kenya, to get inspired. After finishing her studies in Graphic Design in 2018, she decided to work as a full-time artist only. She made exhibitions in Italy (Milano, Siena, Venezia) and Germany (Rosenheim, Berlin Munich). From October 2020, she has also started to work together with Ali Hassoun in Milano.


Personal exhibition curated by Socialtourist - Munich, Germany

Personal exhibition, curated by Vinothek Hacker - Rosenheim, Germany

Collective exhibition at Achtzig Galerie: Collective exhibition for contemporary art - Berlin, Germany

Collective exhibition AMARS curated by Artspace a cura di Eva - Milan, Italy

Intesa San Paolo Invest Palazzo Chigi Zondadari a cura di Alessandro Grazi - Siena, Italy

Collective exhibition a la galleria Vik a cura di Alessandro Riva e Michela - Milan, Italy

Dream Ars
Artspace a cura di Eva - Milan, Italy

Mostra Cavlli, Museo Santa Maria della Scala Siena a cura di Elena Conti con Ali Hassoun - Siena, Italy

Magazini del Sale Venezia Venice Start a cura di Mario Mazzoleni, Venice, Italy