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Andy Kim


Andy Kim

Korean artist, Andy Kim, was born in Seoul, 1983 and lives in Bundang-gu.

Since his juvenile, He was very fascinated with painting and art and has a talent for that.

Even though he has a good talent, unfortunately he has a congenital handicap, Colorblind.

For erasing unclear future, he decided to choose a practical aim that is to be an office worker.

However, He could not abandon his dream so that he was taught by his mother who has a Bachelor of Arts.

It leads him to overcome disadvantages of painter such as avoiding intense color and being accustomed to unclear color (Red).

He had been painting as a hobby during his life, irrelevant to painting, university career (Bachelor of Business administration & Czech, Slovak language, Hankuk University of foreign studies)

and engaging a full-time job (an official worker, chemical trading company).

From 2020, He came to painting in earnest focusing on environmental-friendly theme such as flowers, landscape.

Latest painting expressed his talented creativity which is contemporary and modern style. He is covering a wide range of style, such as a detailed description with Acrylic.

He is a few colorblind painter who overcame his disadvantage in the world.