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Alice Regina


Alice Regina

Alice Regina was born in Treviso, Italy in June 1990.

In May 2020 she developed the idea of creating paintings with a mixed technique consisting of drawing and digital print transferred to canvas, all completed with acrylic paint, rhinestones, pearls and Swarovski. Her works begin to be appreciated and requested not only by relatives and friends but also by new people, pushing Alice to create more and more works thus refining her technique.

Her paintings, colorful and pop, are characterized by the presence of high fashion brands and generally have a single subject highlighted by the background and details. The visual language used is very simple and direct allowing anyone to understand its essence and making the works accessible to a very wide audience. Since the beginning of her carrier she has been noticed by several art galleries and now she’s represented by “Gli Angeli” art gallery settled in Bergamo. She participated at the ArtePadova Event in November 2021 and before (Semptember 2021) her works was exhibited in Venice at “the Room Contemporary Artspace” (San Marco Square) hold by Itsliquid Group. In December 2021 the popular restaurant “Lalimentari” in Bergamo hosted her personal exhibition and the 4 stars hotel “Ruzzini Palace” in Venice decided to keep some of her pieces exhibited in the rooms.



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