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Alberto Ballocca


Alberto Ballocca

Alberto Ballocca was born on the cusp of spring in 1993 in Moncalieri, Turin of Northern Italy. In recent years Ballocca has dived into art making as a profession and occupation, a rich experience that meant combining his high sensitivity with his natural creativity.

“I approached art in November 2019, trying to give shape to my emotions. I set up my studio in the attic of the house. This is where my relationship with art was born”

Ballocca describes the international artist Emanuele Tozzoli as a great influence and teacher in his artistic training, who encouraged him to create fearlessly with the words “in art, as in the present, there are no mistakes”. The creative exchange between the two friends was a catalyst for Ballocca’s artistic elevation.

The factors that characterize Ballocca’s artistic style are themes inspired by ancient/greek mythology and philosophy. Elements included are the perceptions of time communicated through intuitive feelings triggered by dreams and memories. The purpose of Ballocca’s art is to rationalize feelings into a comprehensive work of art as well as portray an emotional representation of thought. Being self-taught, Ballocca focuses strongly on researching the technical work of different mediums to rightfully communicate his ideas onto canvases in a personalized way.

“I do not follow a precise artistic trend, as each of my paintings is a result of a flow to which I connect by listening to music and leaving behind every thought – freeing the mind. I must admit, however, that the thought and personality of C.Y Twombly and Basquiat were illuminating in several aspects”

The several exhibitions that already have displayed the fantastic work of Ballocca are testaments to his fast growing talent. In 2020, Ballocca showcased his art in two exhibitions and in the spring of 2021 he was selected by the prestigious New York Gallery Vanderplas to contribute to their exhibition from overseas. In the works are even more projects and collaborations that guarantee a continued expansion of Ballocca’s recognition and work.

As an artist whose paintings are a creative manifestation of the present moment, Ballocca is faithful to keep growing his collection in relation to the world without any fear of what the future might hold.

“I have every interest in working in the art sector and keeping the fire of life alive in me and in those who are able to be inspired. I will continue in the search for new knowledge in ancient scripts as well as within myself”

Alberto Ballocca’s collection on Gallerima is a universe in itself. The paintings are present manifestations of the communion between different times and spaces – giving futuristic visuals to ancient stories inspired by greek mythology and philosophy. Through a continued experimentation with paint, pigments, glitters, oils, acrylics, silicones and more, Ballocca formulates a personalized technique when doing his mixed media works.



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