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Fondazione Prada


Fondazione Prada

Milano, Italia

For the last two decades, Fondazione Prada’s activities have analyzed intentions and relevance through an evolution of projects. These have included ‘Utopian’ monographic artist commissions, contemporary philosophy conferences, research exhibitions and initiatives related to the field of cinema. With the opening of a permanent cultural complex in Milan, the Fondazione offers new opportunities to enlarge and enrich our processes of learning.
Art is the Fondazione’s main and given instrument of working and learning. A territory of freethinking in which established, indelible figures– as well as emerging approaches– are welcomed. The Prada Collection, comprising mostly of works from the 20th and 21st centuries, is another one of our given instruments. Our collection is conceived as a resource of perspectives and of potential energy. We will invite different kind of people to provide new interpretations of undetected ideas from the collection: curators, artists, architects but also scientists and students, thinkers and writers.
Fondazione | Largo Isarco, 2 - Milano (MI)
Osservatorio | Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Milano (MI)
Venezia | Ca’ Corner della Regina, Santa Croce - Venezia (VE)