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The Address


The Address

Brescia, Italia

The Address gallery opens in Brescia, northern Italy, in December 2018.
It occupies a space built during the 60’s and is located in the historical centre of the city, a few steps from Piazza Tebaldo Brusato and Piazza Arnaldo.
The gallery creates a very interesting artistic pie with the nearby sites for tourists like Santa Giulia Museum and Palazzo Martinengo, the Foro Romano, Apalazzo gallery and Palazzo Monti residency.
Not far from two main cities as Verona and Milan, respectively east and west from Brescia, The Address gallery fits perfectly into a setting permeated by art history, also famous for its metallurgical industries, its marble quarries, its countrysides and wineries.
The aim of the location is to develop new forms of possible dialogue and synergies among unusual aspects of its geography: rural, industrial, local and global. The whole well merged with the art from the past and the art of today, together with emerging artists.
The existence of the gallery is actually an effort to shape and give itself the reputation of creating exciting and challenging artistic dialogues all over the contemporary art world.

Via Trieste 39/A, 25121
Brescia, Italy

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