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Galleria d'Arte Raffaella De Chirico


Galleria d'Arte Raffaella De Chirico

Torino, Italia

The Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art gallery was founded in 2011 by Raffaella De Chirico who, after working at the Galleria Mazzoleni in Turin, first as an assistant and later as the director, focused her program of exhibits on the production and realization of projects previously unseen in Italy for the most part, focusing on artists under the age of 40 who had already distinguished themselves for their studies and artistic work outside of Italy.
The same principle is applied to the historicized artists represented in the gallery, with particular regard to those whose studies stood out in 70s and 80s.
A constant search for the “then/now” is the common thread that characterizes the attention to semantics and conceptual minimalism, looking for new production materials and for photography with a social and current events impression. The end result is the search for a dialogue with the past, devoid of a nostalgic or caricature-like approach, but determined to unravel the peculiarities of the present in an attempt to stimulate discussion and dialogue.
Therefore the development of the gallery's international program is twofold: it is geared toward participation at international fairs (Shanghai, Istanbul, Brussels, Paris), as well as toward the collaboration with Italian cultural institutes and foundations while simultaneously working with artists whose international visibility can give added value to the gallery on the national scene.