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Skim was born in Florence in 1985 and immediately expresses itself in the world of graffiti. He deals with painting, illustration, comics, graffiti, design, graphics and performers. In fact we are talking about a very eclectic artist, grown up between art school and street, who at the same time learns and expresses himself in all painting techniques.

It shows a sensitivity in the use of bright and captivating colors that are just a few, as well as its technique, the perfect combination of old school and innovation, which clearly defines its ironic, caustic and poetic style.

With his “Puppets” and his “Chaos” they interpret the most diverse stories and settings: he analyzes everyday life and tradition in art, street or studio, surprising the viewer with the contrast between the color explosion of his works and the never banal message shows a different art, attractive and pleasant to observe, and with its motto “In Color We Trust” is making its way through exhibitions in national and international contexts