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Salvatore La Cola


Salvatore La Cola

Salvatore La Cola was born in Olten in 1965 and has been an artist since the mid-2000s. His workplace is in Obergösgen and Schönenwerd.

La Cola's art has a symbolic, often enigmatic visual language. It directs our gaze to the fragility of being, questions values and attitudes in social interaction. He has no moral answers, he asks and wonders how to deal with irritation and insecurity.

Salvatore La Cola goes an authentic way with his individual aesthetic expression and does not allow himself to be caught by any artistic movement. His works are paired with humor and a spirit of survival that is unique to him. The exaggerations and failure to conform to norms always reveal more "truth" than we'd like.

His unmistakable, colorful and intense paintings, a mixture of representation and abstraction, bring us closer to the "truth" of events.
Bahnhofstrasse 21/Casinogässli
CH-5012 Schönenwerd