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Matteo Negri


Matteo Negri

Matteo Negri born in S. Donato Milanese (MI) nel 1982. After graduating in sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera - Milan in 2003, the artist created numerous installations for exhibitions at art galleries, public spaces and art fairs in Italy and abroad including Paris, Genoa, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Singapore, Honk Kong, Miami, London, Basel and Berlin.
His artistic practice uses materials from stone to ceramic, resin and plastic, all in expressive pop colors. One series by the artist is based on a subversion of the idea of a depth-charge. Using real, decommissioned, depth-charges and mines, he explores how bright colors and unexpected settings can turn a destructive weapon into something resembling a large gemstone. Negri's submarine jewels have a hypnotic seduction and shape which makes the viewer forget the violence of their actual function. This clear split between form and meaning is also something one sees elsewhere in popular culture, where clever marketing can turn even the most ugly or boring products into curious objects of desire.
A second series starts from a close inspection of the children's building material Lego. In this series, Negri uses Lego as a metaphor for children's inherent desire to build and create their own personalities. Yet the freedom and self-expression Lego appears to offer, is quickly funneled into archetypical, linear forms which are compatible with the geometry of the Lego system. In Negri's work, the system itself is subverted, and self-determination is given the space to play itself out. Matteo Negri currently lives and works in Milan.