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Laura Benetton


Laura Benetton

Laura Benetton is a London based Italian
artist. She studied painting in Venice at the prestigious Academy of Fine Art.
Her career as an artist started in Italy after her degree. In 2008 she has been
awarded for the prestigious Arnaldo Pomodoro's artist in residence. She spent
three months in Urbino researching metals and studying sculpture, culminating in
the creation of a wall metal sculpture for the Pomodoro's foundation. After
the residence she spent a few years traveling between Venice, Istanbul, Pesaro,
and Florence, gaining broad artistic experience and the use of different
materials and techniques.
Her first solo exhibition was in Venice at "Palazzo
Boldu" in 2008 that brought her to be selected by A+A gallery to create her
first installation project: a multidisciplinary installation of light, sounds,
and painting. In 2009 she moved to Istanbul, where she spent a year focusing on
her painting technique; then Pesaro, where she explored sculpture, resin, and
large-scale painting and worked as a scenographer and painter for the theatre
and for the Maestro Luigi Pizzi. In 2010 she moved to London. While in London,
in 2012 she has been selected to exhibit at the Italian Embassy. Since 2014 she
is a resident artist in the Wimbledon Art Studios while being represented by
different galleries in the UK, Italy and the USA and exhibited in international
art fairs and shows across the world.
Laura Benetton's work has held in private and
public collections and commissioned for many private projects including private
residences and corporations by art consultants and galleries in London and
abroad. Her work has been selected for a different number of art residences and
in 2016 she has been awarded to exhibit at the Houses of Parliament for the
exhibition at "Tomorrow's child". Selected exhibitions have included The
Houses of Parliament; Zari Gallery, London; Gallery Claire Corsica, Paris, New
York; Affordable art fairs; A+A Gallery, Venice; Art065 Gallery, Pesaro; Galerja
Mazchek, Croatia; Degree Art; Vyner Street Gallery, London.
In 2019 she has been granted a month-long artist
residency in Shenzhen, China where she had the opportunity to explore
intensively her neon installation artwork and challenge her light-sculpture
About her work
Laura's artistic research focuses on the
correlation between Nature and Science, between the butterflies and bird species
of the rain forest and their color interdependence related to light-waves energy
and frequencies.
The center of her work is the action, fragmented,
dissolved into abstraction and the study of color related to the movement.
Working with acrylic and mixed media to create a vibrating and energetic
multimedia painting, at times she aims to challenge the boundaries of painting
by inserting a neon as external elements for a balance in a composition that
aims to establish a subjective relationship with the viewer as the artwork
becomes an experience rather than a mere object.