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Jacopo Spilimbergo


Jacopo Spilimbergo



As in an ever-evolving process, the perception of the surrounding environment varies in accordance with the observer's point of view.

What was, is no more- what will be, it is yet to be seen; "No Time No Space" investigates the connection between space, time and contemporary society. No reliant on specific filters or post-production enhancing processes, Jacopo Spilimbergo explores- both formally and technically- the correspondence between the frenetic reality we live in and its projection on a canvas. As in everyday life, certain aspects can be expected and clearly defined whilst independent variables, totally out of author's control, also play a role.

Regardless of the examined context, whether rural or urban, the result still-frames reality as something moving too hastily to be captured and defined by existing schemes and set structures.

Established practices and, outlines fade, explosions of light inform the context while distorting it at the same time, colours digress into different gradients before disappearing in the dark; Spilimbergo's work breaks away from the Cartesian order of the world, offering the glimpse of a fourth dimension characterized by new, more abstract, geometries of movement.


Jacopo Spilimbergo grew up in a family of strong creative stance, he attended schools of artistic nature and gemology, graduating in Milan at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia in 2006. After his studies, he moved to London where he became assistant to several photographers of fashion and still-life. Upon return to Italy, he had the opportunity to photograph the Maxxi in Rome, a commissioned work by Zaha Hadid Architects. Henceforth, begins a passion for architectural photography. Jacopo simultaneously cultivates three distinct photographic worlds; architecture, still life and art photography. He lives between Milan and Los Angeles. In all his photographs one is able to note the continuous research of absolute splendour, shapes, lines and irreplicable moments of beauty.