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Ivano Mercanzin


Ivano Mercanzin

Ivano Mercanzin lives in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), studies drawing and painting with the master Vincenzo Ursoleo, participates in poetry competitions receiving prizes and mentions. The reading of classical and contemporary authors accompany his path and the study and exhibitions of great modern and contemporary painters and sculptors complete his training. As an illumination here comes 2011, when "La Fotografia" explodes inside him and on 31.12.11 the purchase of the first digital camera.
Observe, filter, crystallize and like an alchemist, images emerge overbearing and invade space, hovering in the ravines of memory. Venice, Terra Madre, The Face (s) of NYC, Coney Island, Fornace Venini, 21 grams, Boys don't cry, Lio Piccolo are some of his projects.
In 2017-2018 he participated in the Pro-Photographer Masterclass of Paolo Marchetti, an award-winning international photographer, to learn the techniques of reportage.