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Gioni David Parra


Gioni David Parra

Born 1962, province of Pisa, Italy.

"Parra seems to be looking for a limit, a point of imbalance before reaching which he stops. The marble becomes spiritualized and frees itself from what it owns the most leaden and earthy. It’s like as if it detached itself from the mountain and not thanks to the figural use, but to what it actually really brings inside itself as a possibility to react to the form and light”. from the catalogue "Gioni David Parra - Oltre la materia" by Valerio Dehò

Gioni David Parra is a painter, sculptor and set designer.
For many years the artist dedicated himself to the research and practice of the concept of ‘Germination’, which awakens visions of the original, intercepting the hidden forces and the hints of things prior to their very making of themselves 'world', enjoyable or terrifying manifest expression.
The artist uses different techniques in a single work, and the result is a happy agreement between his restless creativity and the metamorphic dynamism of the materials used. His pictorial sculptures, therefore, become active artistic elements in the context that surrounds them and they are real sources of vital energy, like simulacra of ancient knowledge.

"Bladelight" is a serie of works consisting of modular blades of light expertly assembled by the artist in different sequences, creating infinite and elegant color variations. Starting from a similar approach, "Nocube" is a serie of small blocks of marble not perfectly geometrically conceived, thanks to non-predetermined analytical processes: shiny, rough and opaque, they present asymmetric cuts and different grains, to the interior of colors composed of light and soul. The megalithic blocks of small dimensions finely cut draw inspiration from the origins of human culture. In summary, Parra's artworks relate to Goethe’s thought "Perhaps a time will come when the inner light will come out of us, so that we will no longer need any other light".

Among the permanent public works, Parra’s Obelisk of light with its 12 meters of height and its 2500 kg of steel tonnage represents the pinnacle of his career. The artist’s works are also displayed in various Museum, Foundations and important collections both in Italy and abroad, and they have been exhibited in numerous Fairs on the national and international scene.