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Federico Lanaro


Federico Lanaro

Federico Lanaro (Rovereto TN, 1979) He graduated in 2004 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Reflecting his personal experience of the world, his artistic works are characterized by transversal narratives and linguistic nomadism, which is mirrored in the multiplicity of techniques he employs – spanning from painting to sculpture and installation.

A core feature of Lanaro’s artistic production is the use of fluorescent colors and neat signs. The combination of these elements to represent natural elements, is an open invitation to observe the world from an unorthodox perspective. Lanaro’s simple and direct representations draw inspiration both from classical culture and contemporary graphics. Such a combination of different registers, enables the observer to infer different interpretations of Lanaro’s art, depending on personal sensitivities. The artist’s work comprehends many nuances, among which it can be mentioned sustainable art, responsiveness to green universe, hybridization between the animal and the human, between individual and the mass, the link with his territory and the interpretation of human behaviors.