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Fabiano De Martin Topranin


Fabiano De Martin Topranin

Fabiano De Martin Topranin was born in 1984 in Padola, a little village of Comelico Superiore in the province of Belluno; he currently lives and works in Bolzano.

He obtained his graduation in wood sculpture at Scuola Professionale di Brunico, in Val Pusteria, (Professional School of Brunico) then he attended the School of Art in Selva Val Gardena, where he refined the plastic modelling technique: "thanks to excellent teachers, I learned to look both beyond and inside the forms ". It is clear from the beginning that there is no contemporary art without a knowledge of the masterpieces of the past: "to try to assimilate all this, the form and the proportions, it is necessary to study the masters of the past and, by reproducing them, looking for their essence".

The first sculptural tests are characterized by formal reflections that make experimentation their method of research: "I am continually pushed by a thirst for experimentation that has always accompanied me".

De Martin Topranin’ s sculptures are characterized by the synthesis between expressivity and essentiality. The subjects, solemn and hieratic, blend the models of the sculptural tradition with themes and attitudes typical of contemporary society. The creative act borns out of the creative and imaginative reworking of the sensory perceptions of the world: "it is as if, at some point, I had simply resumed doing what amused me when I was a child, which is to imagine worlds and inventing stories. Every search is a story, a plot, characters in an undefined story, whose titles are moments and chapters. My works talk about explorers and custodians at the same time, whether they are space, cities, forests or the soul ".

Via Piani di Bolzano 17 - Bolzano