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carlo caldara


carlo caldara


Carlo Caldara was born in Milan in 1965, lives and works in Vigevano. He got a medical degree and at the same time attended at the Nude School of The Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan,

In Vigevano, he attended for several years at the studio of the artist Carlo Bocca, where he improved his painting technique. His art has existential approach to the identity of man in the world. He has an eclectic attitude, with cycles of various art -works. Joins painting with photography and creates works and installations with various materials, like aluminum coal stones, letters and led-lights. The artist worked under criteria of a simultaneous presence of image and words. Art-works in which the image is rendered evanescent almost to disappear, using recycled metal and composite materials, on which globe cartographies and still images of humanity in contemporary society are represented.

The words dug out of metal with mirror-like aluminum, inspire deep reflections about the society of our age. In some last artworks there are not reflecting words but optical fibers. The artworks of “True story” project are inspired by the gap between the live reality and the virtual reality of the media, web and social network. According to the artist, in order for a story to be real, it does not need to be lived in the real word, a virtual reality that can be equally true exists.

He made sculptures, videos and installations too.

With his wife Architect Federica Kluzer presented at the Guatemala Pavilion of the 16th Venice International Architecture Exhibition the work entitled "Virtual Architecture - Real world" that makes visible what in reality it is invisible, the digital connections of the web and social networks. From a panel showing the map of the world that disappears in shadow reflections, optical fibers emerge, representing a virtual architecture in three dimensions

Among his personal exhibitions in recent years, we cite in the 2017 the personal exhibition project entitled True Story launched at the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome and at Guatemala Pavilion at the 57th International Art Exhibition -La Biennale of Venice , in the 2016 Living your dream , at the Milan Triennale design Museum, on the occasion of the XXI International Triennale ,and Lose your mind, at Palazzo Flangini in Venice , on the occasion of the XV Venice Architecture Biennale, and in 2013 Gli Immortali at the Palazzo del Senato at the <<<state Archives in Milan. Going a little further back in time, the personal exhibition Qui e Ora at the Museum of Finale; Saint Catherine’S Colisters in Finale Ligure (Savona)flagged a turning point in his art, demonstrating new aesthetic and eschatological awareness.

In 2017, he submitted his artistic project at the convention New Frontiers of the sustainable art. Carlo Caldara e true story in conjunction with the Academy of Fine Art of Brera in Milan at Marino Palazzo in Milan. Among many pubblications, in 2017 Pandion Edition edited the catalogs about exhibitions project “True story”,which takes place at Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome and at “La Biennale of Venice”.

We report the RAI 3 service of D. Ansovini (24-07-2017) about exhibition at Vittoriano, the two articles of “Repubblica Newspapers” (17.05-2017and 18-05 2017) about convention at Palazzo Marino, the Radio RAI ISORADIO interview and many web articles.

In 2019, the artist was invited to exhibit at the 58° International Art Exhibition – La Biennale of Venice, at Grenada Pavilion where presented a big globe entitled “Memory ways “.